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NATO PA Rose-Roth seminar in Belgrade

      NATO Parlamentary Assembly organized 88th Rose-Roth seminar in Serbia, Belgrade, with the topic: Serbia, the Western Balkans, and the Euro-Atlantic Community. Large number of high officials has gathered at the three-day seminar, who discussed in the Serbian National Assembly on Serbian aspects and its relation towards the Euro-Atlantic Community, but also on relations of the Western Balkan countries, especially towards NATO and their attempts to join the alliance. One of the important conclusions reached at the Seminar stressed the importance of the regional cooperation among Western Balkan countries, with the common goal of fight against common contemporary threats and challenges. Participants of the Seminar concluded that the fight against corruption and organized crime in the Western Balkans is very important, especially looking from the perspective of their geopolitical position. Looking from the perspective of relation among NATO and Western Balkan countries, it was discussed on the importance of defence management reform and integrity building, but also on the importance of continuation of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.